Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Victoria's Secret

Her secret? Online Codes!!! I got in my sweater and bra purchase from a couple weeks ago and I love the sweater. So the offer now is a free perfume set and a free scarf- wasn't sure if I could combine the offer but it worked!!!

1 Scoop neck sweater ($19) Victoria's Secret - NEW! Cotton rib scoopneck sweater
1 Purfume set (29.50) Victoria's Secret - Atomizer coffret (It appears this is no longer valid- I must have caught it on the last day!
1 Scarf (28) Victoria's Secret -

fa813765 for free scarf
scent08 for perfume set
FA810189 $10 off any purchase

Total:16.22 (5.99 ship and 1.23 tax) Great deal- this will be under the tree for Christmas!!! Also you have to have an angels card for the last code but if you don't use Get30 to get 30% off your order. You can google codes for free shipping on orders over $50 but 5.99 was cheaper to pay than give up one of my $28 offer codes! It only took about a week to get the last order (actually less than that I think) so I am looking forward to getting this one! You can't beat a good price on VS stuff.
In Dec there is also a code for 10 off (the above code is only good through Nov)
Other codes: free slippers with sleepwear purchase:Fa813753 (exp 12-21)
free panty and $10 off a bra FA813729(12-21)
free scarf (above good through 12-21)


  1. Can you post a link to the perfume set and scarf? Didn't see on website. I LOVE VS! :)

  2. I have added the links above. Thanks for visiting the site!!!
    Unfortunately the scarf does not have a pic on the website- it is on their catalog.. The free scarf if good until 12-21. I am not sure about the perfume as I found that one on their website. There is another code for free slippers with a sleepwear purchase and that code is: FA813753
    I am a big VS fan as well!