Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ok, the first Wags I went to got a little crazy and I had no idea what happened or how until later when I had a chance to review the reciept. We were in a hurry and it all worked out well so I just went ahead so we could get to karate practice on time...Anyway here is what I did...

2 Schick Quattro 3pk razors (6.99)
1 Colgate Total (3.49)
1 Edge Shave GEl (2.99)
Cheetos (.50)

-6.99 Schick
-2 Oust
-1 Colgate
(2)-2 Wags Schick q (this would not register so she tried it manually and said it wasn't working so she adjusted the prices down to 4.99 so still (2) -2 basically
(then the -4 Schick q would not work so I purchased the filler and it still wouldn't work so I tried my 2 RR and those went thorough so...)
(3)-2 ok, now this is where it messed up when she was entering manually they did actually work so I got 6 off which covered the -4 that wouldn't scan and an additional 2

Total: 3.36 off GC and recieved 3 RR Edge and 3.49 Colgate and will get $1 rebate for Oust

Different wags:
2 Visine AC (3.99)
1 Skintimate

(2)-3 Visine

Total: 1.47 on GC and got (2) 3RR for Skintimate and Visine

Grand shopping total on GC of : 4.83 and recieved 9RR and 1 Rebate for a total profit of $6.17!!!!!

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