Sunday, August 9, 2009


Here is a great deal done several ways!:

Kelloggs is running the buy 10 get a $10 rebate promo. Along with that Albertsons has a lot of their Kelloggs 10 for $30 (so $3 a box). That itself is not a great price but continue reading :) Then if you buy 10 not only do you get the check from Kelloggs but you can use the store coupon in the ad at Albertsons for another $10 off instantly. That brings your total to 20 minus the 10 rebate makes it now $10. But wait two options can happen from here. A few weeks ago Kelloggs released a bunch of coupons for $1 off 2 of various products along with the rebate form. Use 5 of these for whichever Kelloggs products you enjoy to make your total after rebate of $5 for 10 boxes of Kelloggs!!! Hold on though, if you are a Vocal Point mom you recently received qs for Rice Krispies which is also on the promo. Use your free box q to take 3 off and then the 5 -1qs to take another 5 off plus two of the above Kelloggs qs to take another $2 off and your qs are up to 10. What does that mean??? After your $10 rebate comes in your total OOP is NOTHING!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO sounds great.

Here is what I just did:
6 boxes Rice Krispies 18 oz ($3 ea)
2 boxes Nutrigrain bars (3 ea)
2 boxes Kelloggs Choco Chip cookies (Choco lovers and coconut cc) (3 ea)


-10 Albertsons store q
-3 free Krispies
(5)-1 Krispies
-1 off 2 nutrigrain
-1 off two cookies

Total OOP is $10 now to send in the rebate for $10 and nothing OOP :)

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