Monday, April 20, 2009


ok, it was time to use up some RR- we needed a few things and better to spend RR than oop :)

3 12pk Dr Pepper (3/11)
2 Just for Men hair color (6.99)
3 folders (.17 used for filler)
1 eraser pk (.50 filler)
1 6pk pencils(.25 used for filler) (all fillers were so I could use more qs-RR)

(2)-1.50 Just for Men Wags Easy Saver q
(2)-2 Just for Men MQ

Total: 1.82 on GC and received 5RR so yes I lost a bunch on that deal but the DP came out to 3 for 6 and my hubby was out of the Just for men(which I don't think he needs (I like the gray) but he has to have) SO used 17RR and only got 5 back so out 12RR and 1.82 (13.82 total) for 3 12pks and 2 JFM not too bad a deal :) Not my fav to do but sometimes it is just that way......I need to work on some rebate deals!!!

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