Thursday, January 22, 2009

Children's Place

If you have a Children's Place outelt near you now is the time to go- winter apparel is on clearance and you get to take 50% off the lowest price! At the one in Grapevine Mills Mall they had some small coats (by small I mean for babies) on this sale as well. I got my son a couple of shirts and my daughter a complete winter outfit(pants, fleece jacket and shirt) for right at $10. I also got a couple of other solid color long sleeve shirts for her to match other outfits. Ask at teh counter about the 15% off coupon- I had forgotten mine yest and they gave me the discount anyway(it is a q you can use over again though a certain date so it is not one they collect). I will have to get pics posted of the cute clothes. If you have not tried Children's Place you really should. They have great quality clothes and when you can find them on a good sale day then they are sometimes even cheaper than a thrift store or a lower end clothing store. My daughter's closet is mostly Children's Place clothes! :)

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