Thursday, January 22, 2009


If you are in the Grand Prairie, Tx area you need to try out a place called Topline Salvage. They have discounted prices on tons of items....saying that check the prices, some items like canned goods and cereal you do better on at a good sale at the grocery store. However, snack itmes like chips and cereal bars, granola bars, energy bars and other snack and juice items are a great deal. In fact they just got in a major shipment of organic items and said there is so much it will take a good week to get it all out. Organic is right up my alley so let me tell you what all I got for under $32!!!

2 jars sunflower oil (.99 ea)
2 bread mix (1.50 ea)
2 Cascadian Farms granola bars
2 Health Valley Organic toaster pastries (1.50 ea)
1 Cheese Puffs Organic
2 10 ct trash bags(.79 ea)
1 bag pretzels
1 30ct box fruitabu smooshed fruit (3.00)
4 BK onion ring chip snacks(.25 ea)
3 trail mix single serv (3/1.00)
Monkey Brains Ogranic Oatmeal
4 bags Kettle Chips
2 bags blue corn tortilla chips
1 big bag spicy blue corn tortilla chips
2 bags terra veggie chips(.25)
2 bags veggie sticks (single serv)
8 Kashi Go Lean bars (.25 ea)
5 Planters Peanuts Single serv(.20 ea)
1 Choco Sport bar
1 bag 51 ct foam cups
1 bag cheese balls
1 bag choco animal crackers
4 cans cranberry cocktail ocean spray(.25 ea)
1 bag pretzel flat chips
1 can sloppy joe(.99)
2 Bot Grape waters (.25ea)
1 Disney Photo Box (.99)
3 Single serv packs oreos golden (.15 ea)
1 zootons organic fruit gummies
4 organic nut trail mix bars (.25 ea)
Some of this I did give to a friend who is going all organic so some of it is not in the pic and there may be a couple of things I am forgeting :)

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