Thursday, January 22, 2009

KB Toys

So the KB near us is closing its doors tomorrow, the clearance there is pretty good so check your nearsest store. They are offering 80% off impulse items, 70% off electronic itmes, and 60% off all other items.
I purchased several magnetic play sets (pirates, ocean, doll house, fairies) for 1.59 and play doh mini sets for .79, travel games (like connect four and guess who) for just under 2.50, a cupcake carrier for the little one for $5, craft sets for around $3, and hand held games for around 2.50. They still had quite a bit left so if you are near Grapevine, Tx it might be worth looking for some Easter or Valentine's Day gifts fro those special children in your life or maybe some goody bag stuffers for a little ones bday party....

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