Saturday, March 21, 2009

Walmart suprises

Ok, I go to Walmart only on rare occasions but I had to try the Iams dog food deal bc that is our dog food brand of choice.

2 bags Smart Puppy Iams (5 ea)
1 broom (been using half of one since ours broke)(4.98)
dish brush made from recycled materials (1.25 clearance)
fabric softener (2.88)
liquid plumber (5.88 has on it a full rebate)
funkeys for my son (3.00 clearance- a great price usually 10.99- he paid me back for these)
2 donuts (.58 ea splurge buy for good kids)
Dr Pepper 2 liter (1.00)
BeechNut Toddler animal crackers (1.50)
BN micro meal (1.16)

(2)-5 Iams
(2)-1 BN

Total: 22.38 and will get 5.88 back from reabte and got 3 back fr son so really 13.50!

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