Sunday, March 15, 2009


Had to take part of the CVS freebies this week!

Irish Spring Body Wash (4.99)
2 Dry Idea (supposed to be 2.99 ea but one rang up 4.49)
CVS cotton balls (1.49)
Colgate MaxFresh (2.99)
2 boxes (small ones) Wheat Thins (1.00 ea)

-3 CVS Brand product (mailer q and got 1.51 in overage on this one since the cotton balls were only 1.49)
(2)-2 Dry Idea IP
-.50 Irish Spring
-1 off 2 Wheat Thins

Total:.47 on GC and got 2ECB Dry Idea, 4.99ECB Irish Spring, 2.99ECB Colgate.

Now, it has been reported and the bottom of my receipt verified you can get more than one on the Dry idea deal. However, I bought one reg and one unscented(the unscented is pictured on the flyer) and the reg rand up the 2.99 but the unscented rang up reg price and no ECBs. I saw the reg price on the reciept and asked to switch it. The manager told me the limit was one which that was fine but I wanted the sale price and he said I didn't et it bc of the limit. I will go to a diff one tomorrow and try again bc at the bottom it still says 1 needed for the ECBs and reported the limit being 3. I will verify tomorrow. At any point, I returned the wrong Dry Idea and the manager gave me back my 4.49 on a GC.


  1. I had the same problem with the dry idea i'll be returning it. check my site out