Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dumpster Success

Ok, haven't done it in a while but went to the dumpsters today and guess what I found!!! Tons of Sunday newspapers with the inserts! These were unused papers just tossed and waiting for me to come and remove the inserts! All from this week I got 13 sets (of 3 booklets) of coupons plus a few from past weeks but those were just laying about. I am thinking Wed might be throw away paper day for some businesses or such so I might just have to start checking back on Weds. That would be so awesome!

Needless to say, Listerine is now calling out my name at Wags. I love Listerine! and free Listerine at Wags is such a great deal I am going to do that trans multiple times tomorrow at least that is the plan.
Anyway, just wanted to share my dumpster diving success. ( Now at this point you are either thinking this lady is completely nuts diving in dumpsters for coupons or this lady is brave and you are thinking of where you could try this out at. I mean 13 sets of coupons that is 39 booklets! :)(Just a note- no diving is actually involved nor icky trash stuff just looking if I can see and find so not even really digging- I guess it is more dumpster spotting)


  1. So I would LOVE to know where you "dumpster dive". I would have no clue, but I want to find the coupon tresure too. Can you share?

  2. I got my scoop from another lady- go to the recycling dumpsters, Take your recycled newspapers and just look. Many times you will find whole newspapers with the plastic still on the ad and coupon section. The plastic cannot be recycled in those dumpsters so I take out the section, take all the ads and put them back into the dumpster and then just take the coupons and the plastic bags(which I put with the plastic bag recycling). After I clip the qs I take the paper back to the recycling along with any other newspapers and magazines I have put in my recycling box. The mom who shared this with me also checks the thrift store dumpsters and frequently finds some pretty good things that they just throw away. Me, the qs are a great find and I am content with that:)

  3. Where can you find the dumpster and what day of the week do you go? I just find your blog. I love it

  4. some cities have recycling "centers" where they have the big dumpsters and others have schools or churches where dumpsters are located. We have both in our area.
    When I do go it is usually between Tues and Thurs. I fig by that time people are done with their papers and have put them out. Also, as I found this time extra papers never used were just thrown in there. I don't know that there is a specific day to go, you just have to test out your area and see what you can find.
    Also, if you have hospitals or nursing homes nearby and even the library they all get newspapers and you may be able to snag the coupon section. I have heard of many people on their way to Sunday lunch or the office on Monday morns, stopping by the waiting rooms at the hospitals or the libraries or coffee shops to snag some free coupon sections.