Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was up late last night and so I sat down at the computer and just started looking things up. I came across this one: Online Support Groups and Forums at DailyStrength
It is an awesome resource when you just need to blog about issues that maybe you don't know how to deal with at the time or just want advice from someone who has been there. They have over 500 different support groups. As I looked at one in particular I saw people with genuine hurts and needs getting to ask questions and seek wisdom from others in a very uplifting manner. It was comforting to read stories and be able to say I totally understand and that is so relevant to what I am going through or have been through. I guess it is always nice to know you are not alone in certain circumstances :), other people have been there and come through and now are there for support(of course God is always there and I totally don't want to discredit His role in our lives). I wanted to share this website with my readers, maybe you or someone you know is going through something physically, mentally or emotionally at this time and maybe this site would help. Or, maybe you have been through some difficulties in life and can share some support and knowledge with others. From what hve seen of the site so far it seems to be helping many.

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