Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is just hours away are strewn about the floor being shuffled as calculator is pressed rapidly adding and figuring. 27.98 ECBs to start the day off with and now which way earns the most with the least OOP...hmmmmmm...I have a plan- maybe- that is considering all items are in stock, CVS is not overrun with crazy CVS addicts like myself.......that is my worry, I will get there and see coupon book after coupon book and nothing left.....LOL. Yes this sounds crazy but the excitement of it all is so much fun. A plan, a list actually a couple of lists and a copy of the ad from CVS online just in case they don't have anymore. Thanksgiving Day in my house will begin with a CVS run and most likely 3 transactions rolling ECB after ECB. The end result to bedetermined but alas readers you will be the first to know. Heehee so dramatic. Ok, but really I am excited the rush of anticipation of one of the best CVS days is upon us....are you ready???? Check out the ad here. Oh what fun it will be!!!
A lot of the stuff I get tonight will be going overseas to the soldiers- we are doing soldier boxes next week with our homeschool association so I am getting a bunch of stuff together for the boxes.
Anyway, will post more later with pics of the goodies. Good luck to all the CVSers out there!!!

Oh and Happy early Thanksgiving!

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