Thursday, November 27, 2008

CVS at night

WOOHOO Great time at CVS. WHo new CVS at midnight was the happening place (certainly not the shoppers just going to get a few neccesities! We let them cut in line. As for me, I arrived at CVS at 11:30 transaction list in hand. I was greeted by two of the nicest CVS workers and I began my trip. Others were before me and many others came after. No Bic Soliel razors and no remotes- I snagged the last ear a little modification and I was set. I did end up giving some of my extra coupons away- hey if someone else can use them to get a great deal I love to share! Got a couple of rainchecks and Taadaa the list is in:

Trans 1

Schick Quatro Razor (7.99)
Colgate Total (2.99)
2 Loreal Juice Lip color (6.99 ea)
1 Philips ear phones (6.99)
1 CG Smoothers Liquid makeup (7.99)
(2)-1 Loreal
-1.50 Colgate
-1 CG
-2 Schick
-5 off a $30 purchase
10 ECB
17.98 ECB
Total: .46 OOP and recieved (3)6.99 ECB, 2.99 ECB, 7.99 ECB, 6ECB
Trans 2
2 Mentos Gum (.99 filler)
2 Aussie shampoo/cond (2.99 ea)
1 Platex (3.99)
1 Johnsons soft lotion (5.69)
1 Colgate(2.99)
1 5hr Enerfy (3.99)
1 Garnier Nutrisse towlettes(5.99)
1 Maybeline foundation(8.99)
1 Sally Hansen (adjusted to free bc was not ringing up right)
2 Gatorade(1.49 ea)
1 CG Smoother powder (5.99)
1 Hershey King size (1.00)
(8) -1 (2) Aussie,Playtex, Johnsons, Garnier, CG, Gatorade, CVS coupon
-1.50 Colgate
-2 off $10
2.99 ECB
-3 Maybeline
-3 Sally
6.99 ECB
7.99 ECB
13.98 ECB
Total: .12 OOP recieved: 5.98ECB, 2.98ECB, 5.99 ECB, 8.99 ECB, 3.99 ECB, 2.99 ECB, 5.69ECB, 5.99 ECB, 3ECBplus still have 6ECB left from 1st trans
Totals: .58 OOP and got 51.60 left in ECBs after all trans. Considering I only brought 27.98 ECBS that makes a profit of 23.62 in ECBs or if you minus the OOP too then a profit of 23.04!!!! Yippee!
I have to say I had a lot of fun chatting with the other shoppers and being out so late, everyone was extremely nice and I am so glad I got to go. If you have not been yet my advice is to go early- things are already starting to run out here. If you have a non 24 hr CVS honestly I would get there at least 30 min if not an hour before they open in the morning. These deals are too good to miss!!!!

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