Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The countdown begins- 2 days left. Can you tell I am excited????????
Checked my email and guess what is making this deal even sweeter??????? A $5 off $30 purchase! WOW- I am truly excited now.......
Yes I get excited over sales and yes I love the black Friday shopping! It is crowded and there are plenty of rude people- as if the lines will go faster by being rude. But, the thrill and excitement is so worth it. I love shopping on Black Friday.

I just want to remind my readers that Thanksgiving should not end on Thurs night as you go to bed or as you prepare for the start of the midnight sales, but keep Thanksgiving with you always. Carry it into Black Friday. Don't get annoyed by long lines and crazy shoppers they will be there and there is nothing you can do about them.However if your attitude stays one of thankgiving then none of this will truly bother you. I am not saying I do not get annoyed at all but I have found by keeping this in perspective when shopping on the BIGGEST shopping day of the year it becomes a lot of fun and something I truly look forward too. I think even if I had no shopping to do I would still get out and enjoy this magical day!!!

Have fun everyone and remember we are all God's children and if we can show His grace to at least one person a day we are leaving an open door for Him to use. Smile, be cheerful and make sure and stock up on sleep tomorrow! :-)

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