Monday, December 8, 2008


Well, hubby watched the kiddos tonight so I could go to CVS.

5 bags dk choco kisses (2.00 ea)
2 Bic Soliel (6.99 ea)
2 Planters Nuts (3.00ea)
1 Crest weekly toothpaste (4.49)
1 Powerade (1.59)
5 pk Duracell Batteries (3.00 ea)
2 Maybeline Lip Gloss (5.79 ea)
1 Brut Deod (3.49)
$1 donation to St Jude

$5 off $15 crt
(5)-1 Kisses dark only
-3 Bic
-1 Planters CVS diabetes book
-4.49 Crest Vocal Point
-5.79 Maybeline BOGO CVS
-1 Duracell
(4)-.75 Duracell
(2) -4 Maybeline
-1 Brut
5.98 ECB

Total: .90 OOP and recieved 13 ECB from BIC (raincheck), 2 ECB from Brut, 1.59 ECB from Powerade, and 5ECB from Duracell and also have $10 towards Hershey ECB deal and $6 towards the planters deal. So I did lose a lottle over 7ECBs in the rolling of them however I had so many from Thanksgiving it really did turn out to be a good deal. I did forget one bag of candy, so I will go back tomorrow and see if I can get it.

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