Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, I went into Wags mainly to pick up the 8x10 I had ordered for free this weekend and get the free titanium razor.

Well, it worked out to 6.99 for the razor plus tax and they scanned one Q and then the other wouldn't go through because it was one cent over the total. Instead of just overriding the penny as they have in the past another lady was standing with this one and told me I had to purchase something else with it- not being near the clearance aisle I grabbed a Crystal Light Peach Tea single drink mix that was .59. So my total ended up being .58 on my GC. So nothing out of pocket but not as great as I thought. I did get my pic though of the kids at the pumpkin patch and it was cute!

(the Qs were -3 Wags q and -4 Q from Dec All You that I got in the mail today)

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