Monday, November 10, 2008

Why do I do this???

Ok, over the past few weeks I have had people online and in person ask me why spend all that time organizing your coupons and going to the store just to save a few dollars. Let me tell you, it adds up. I am a stay at home mom. My husband is the sole bread winner for the family and you would be suprised on how much we can do on the amount he makes. It is all because of coupons and getting deals while we can as opposed to waiting until the last minute. I buy gift cards for rest. when they offer extra incentives and then we can go out to eat one weekend. (A lot of Radio Staions offer half price dining deals that are really awesome!)I have a couple of shelves with bday presents in my house that I keep stocked when we can find a good deal. These are great for last minute bday parties or for our own kids. I have gotten some really good deals on Christmas presents bc I either bought them in the toy mark downs after Christmas or bought them in the summertime when we hit sales or store closings. I go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving, getting as many of the freebies as I can as well as some great deals on things we just found out the kids wanted for Christmas. Our house- with 4 kids total cannot have an extravagent Christmas. We buy what we can and that is the way it is. I know many families spend well over hundreds to a thousand dollars on their kids for Christmas and while they may have the money, is it really neccessary? I know for Christmas my parents spend about $100 on each of us and yes I am sure sometimes a little more but the thing is that is what they want to do and if it changed that would be ok too- it is so not about the money. I am not a materialistic person while it is nice to occasionally have a few things in style, I have never been one to follow the masses. I think instilling value and good saving habits are essential over big over the top gifts. My son learned to save his money when he was much younger and suprised us when we went to Disney World bc he had saved over $30 in pennies from finding them in the parking lots and etc. He saved his own money for 3 yrs and bought a Playstation 3. Yes, he finds things he wants all the time but he has learned to check prices and find good deals over just blowing his own money.

So, why do I coupon? To save on things I can so I can spend more on things I can't get cheap.

Secondly, people say well what are you going to do with that? You don't use that! You are right, often I buy things I don't need or use but I buy them for 2 reasons. First is to get a deal on something else if you buy that item and in the end it is really cheap. Secondly I can get some items free that I don't use and that is where my friends, family, and charities come in. If I am not going to use it there is someone else who can. I have given things to friends and family this week bc there is no way I could use it at the quatities I got but it was free and I know people who will use it. I have got a box to take to the local crisis center as well with items that people need and will use that I spent nothing or next to nothing on- just my time. If I had the money I would give to these charities but bc I don't I can't give monitarily but I can give my time and items.

Last of all, I coupon bc it is fun(don't get me wrong I would love to have Samantha's nose from Bewitched to cut and organize all the coupons for me). It is like finding the needle in the haystack. I may not be able to go out every weekend shopping but I can go to CVS and Wags and other stores and find some really great bargains and it is such a feeling of accomplishment! It is my treasure hunt and with my goal being to spend as little as possible it is a lot of fun!

So, let me encourage those of you just starting out or going into it halfway- DIVE IN!!!!You won't regret it. You can cut coupons while waiting on your kids at one of their practices like I do and sort them at naptime and as long as you develop a routine it won't seem like to much work at once. Then, when you go to the store and you get a reciept like I did last night that says You saved:96% watch you face beam as you tell your friends, family, and the blog world!

Also, leave me a comment or question anytime! I will do my best to respond asap!


  1. You and I are so much alike in our vision for "couponing". I get the biggest KICK out of finding things for FREE. I will usually get the free stuff even if I can't use it cause I will certainly donate it to someone or someplace that will use it. It's my way of giving back.

    And besides I get such a rush from getting a GREAT deal!!!!! :)

    Kick it up girl, don't let the coupons discourage you!

    and by the way, I got home from work today and my WAGs gift card was in the mail. Just in time too.....I need paper towels!!!!

    Have a gr8 day!

  2. Yeah! I am so glad you got it finally. I know it seemed like forever before I got mine.
    Such a silly little thing brings so much happiness! My husband laughs at me bc I get so excited when i can find great deals and pay next to nothing if not nothing for them. Now he has learned to give me a list of things he is looking for bc he knows I can usually find them at a great price.
    Have a great day!