Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wags Turtles

OK so after a few adjustments- cashier was lots of help :) here is what I did:

5 Boxes Turtles


Total: .44 OOP and really it went on a GC so nothing OO my P !!!!

I took 4 boxes of turtles and added a santa coal candy but the third coupon would still not take so I had the cashier take off the coal and add one more Turtle and it took!!! So just make sure your amount (dollar amount that is) with the coupons is equal to the turtle purchase- the 1.50 of has to come off of Turtles so if you just have one coupon buy 2. So, now I have turtles for my mom and hubby and a couple of extra boxes to use as additional pieces in gifts. Maybe a box for myself?????

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