Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finding the right Candy

Did you ever find the candy that was just what you were looking for??? Maybe that sounds silly but we go to Sprouts about once a month or so and they sell bulk nuts, candies, granola, etc. I love going to the candy bins- I think as much as the kids do!!! Anyway, we discovered choco covered malt balls there the last time we went. We got just a few to try them to see if we liked them. Well, let me tell you we did! They are so much more than Whoppers can ever hope for. They have at least triple the chocolate around the malt ball center and talk about yummy- I had no idea I was finding a perfect candy but I did! So today we went back and needless to say I bought a bunch of them!!! They remind me of when I was in jr high(that was long past) and a friend and I went to the mall together to hang out. My friend had a cousin working at the candy kiosk and so we got a little candy. He gave us some double dipped choco malt balls and I remember how good they were but haven't seen them since and really forgot all about them until one bite into my new find at Sprouts. It brought back those carefree days when the most that you had to worry about was did you get all your homework done and does he really like me???? :) LOL Anyway, I found my long lost candy favorite and Sprouts is now my favorite candy store!!!
BTW they have some really good food other than candy there as well- they are a lot like Whole Foods if that gives you an idea of what kind of store they are!

So, what is your perfect candy....or have you found it yet?????
I am attempting to make truffles this Christmas and I will share the recipe as soon as I find it ;)

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