Monday, December 15, 2008

CVS Dec14th

Went to get the 3 Free after ECB items but they did not have all 3 so I had to improvise- and had the kids with me so ended up getting them a snack to take to Nana's house while my hubby and me went to his work party.

1 CVS Cookies (3.49)
1 6pk Water (2.99)
1 Nova Max (9.99)
1 Sleep MD (7.99)
2 RightGaurd Extreme Deod (2.99 ea)
1 J&J First Aid Kits

$5 off $30
-2 water CVS
-1 Cookies CVS
-1 J&J CVS
(2)-.50 Right Guard
10 ECBs
8.99 ECBs
2 ECBs

Total .44 OOP and recieved 9.99 ECBs Nova Max, 7.99 ECBs Sleep MD, and 4 ECBs Right Guard.
Woohoo!!! However I really did want to get the Ear Rinse (my hubby uses it) but I forgot to ask for a raincheck. Oh well, maybe next time!

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