Sunday, November 2, 2008

CVS 11/2-11/8

Made the first trip to CVS today- what looked like an ok trip came out nicely. I started with 12 ECBs.

1 Breeze 2 Monitor ($30)
2 Crest Prohealth (3.49 ea)
2 Colgate Super Sonic Power toothbrush (4.99 ea)
1 Always Infinity (4.99)
1 Lindt Choco Truffes bag (1.99 clearance Halloween)
1 Reinventing Beauty Mag (.99) Yay I finally found one!

-30 Breeze 2 MQ
(2) -1 Crest
-.75 off 2 Colgate toothbrush
-2 Colgate toothbrush CVS Q
-2 Always
-5 off 30 CVS Q from my email!!!
10 ECBs
2 ECBs

Total: 1.18OOP and recieved 4 ECBs from Colgate, 6.98 ECBs from Crest. 1 ECB from Always so a total of 11.98 ECBs almost an even exchange. There are some other really great deals I just have to get my coupons together and go back!


  1. Hi Tiffany~
    You've been so helpful in the past that maybe you can help me now!!!!!

    I purchased a Breeze 2 over the weekend. No one in my house is diabetic and I do not know anyone who is. I want to donate the monitor. Any idea what I can do with it???? I want to make sure it goes to good use.....

  2. I take mine to a local drs office and they give them out to those who can't afford to get one on their own. Also, you can try shelters if you know of one around you they might be able to use it or even a nursing home- I don't know for sure but it is worth a try. I have a friend who is diabetic so I got the first couple for her a few months ago so she would have one at home, in the car etc but now she has plenty and so her dr said any extra would be appreciated to give out at her office so that is what I do. :) Hope that helps. You could also list them on freecycle or craigslist to see if anyone is of need.

  3. Coupon Nerd, you can also check with your local social services agency. They often help people who don't qualify for all of their services. We're working with a social worker now who has 51 people she needs things for. So I'm trying to get health & beauty items for them. She also knows people who can use the diabetes meters. They often get their first one free, but if it breaks they aren't eligible for a replacement. Hope that helps!