Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cheap snacks

So I found myself at a salvage store today ( I go about once or so a month) and found some pretty good deals both for my family and a friend of mine (who just went on the gluten free casien free diet). In the pic you will just see my purchases as I dropped hers by her house on the way home.


4 Kettle Chips single serving bag (.25 ea)

4 Dorritos Singles serving bag (.25ea)
4 Sun Chips Single Servings (.25 ea)

2 Big Bags corn tortilla chips (.50 ea)

4 Bags Veggie Chips (.50 ea)

1 Box Brown Rice Crackers (1.00)

2 Bags dries Cherries (1.00 ea)

1 OJ (.69)

3 Plum Nectar juice (3/1.00)

1 Hot Fudge Syrup for decorating (1.00)

1 box Choco covered cookie sticks (.34)

Total:13.03 OOP and considering a lot of my purchase was organics (some was not) this is a really good deal. It is about an hour drive so I only go here and there and they always are getting new items. They have a little of everything from food to housewares, clothes, toys, pet needs, auto, paitn etc...... They have just started over the past 6 months gettign organic stuff. The lady told me today they get a regular shipment at least once every two months.

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