Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Week in Review

Ok, guys this week was great! (yes it is not over- I am going out again in the next couple of days but wanted to get a little ahead on things since I have a busy weekend)

Target- 1.87 OOP on a GC so no money paid out this week!

CVS- 3.34 OOP and still have 17.99 ECBs

Walgreens- 4.42 OOP and have 6RR

Total OOP (Cash) 7.76! and if you minus the RR and the ECBs I have a profit of $16.23!

Plus I got all this!!!!
2 Huggies Supreme 40ct
2 J&J Shampoo
4 Excedrin
2 Pumpkins
2 Bags Candy Corn
2 Glowsticks
2 Lindt Choco Bars
2 Pert Plus
2 Lysol Freshmatic
1 Gillette Fusion Razor
1 Powerade
4 Loreal Revitalift products
2 Listerine Agent Blue
1 Just for Men
3 Febreeze Noticables
3 Revlon Emry Boards
2 bags Dog Treats
2 32 oz Juice
1 10ct Energy drink mix
2 Chapsticks
and various clearance candies to either make the coupons at Wags work or just bc I had the kids with me and it made things bearable for them :-)

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