Thursday, October 23, 2008

CVS Trip 2 Diapers and Just for Men

Ok, so I forgot about the Just for Men deal when I was there earlier this week and had to get all my coupons together for the Baby Deal. Yes, I could have arranged this and spent 0 OOP if I had done 2 transactions but for under $3 it went well and I have 17.99ECBs for next time.

2 J&J Baby Shampoo (2.99 ea)
2 Size 2 Huggies Supreme Diapers (9.99 ea)
Just for Men Touch of Gray (7.99)
2 Excedrin PM (1.99)
1 Excedrin Tension Express Tabs (1.99)
1 Excedrin Extra Strength Express Tabs (1.99)
1 Hannah Montana sucker (.10)

(2) -2 Excedrin express
(2) -2 Excedrin PM or Back and Body
(2) -1.50 Huggies
(2) -1.50 J&J
-2 Just for Men
(2)- 1.98ECB

total:2.87 OOP and recieved 10 ECB from Huggies and 7.99 ECB from Just for Men

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