Thursday, October 23, 2008

Target WOW!

OK, not sure what happened here but it was a great day at Target and I found a $10GC that was in my wallet- not quite sure when I got this one!

3 Revlon Emry Boards (1.47 ea)
3 Febreeze Noticeables (5.99 ea)
2 Pedigree Good Bites Dog Treats (2.99 ea)
2 Archer Farms Strawberry Lemonade (1.48 ea clearance)
1 Poweredge Energy drink mixes (1.48 clearance)
1 Archer Farms tomato basil single bread serving (yummy!) (.99)

(3) -1 Revlon Target coupons
(3) -1 Revlon MQs
(3) -5 Febreeze
(2) -1 Archer Farms Juice Taget Coupons
(2) -2.99 Pedigree Treat coupons

She took a -1 off one of the Revlon and scanned it as well. The machine beeped at her on several of the coupons and my daughter was playing with the cart so I really wasn't paying attention to all the beeps she seemed to just override them without a problem. I should have paid .99x3 plus 1.48 plus 2x.48 plus .99 and then - 2x.53 for overage on Revlon but the total came to 1.87 OOP so I used a GC.
Looking at the reciept there is an additional -5 coupon and one of the 2.99 coupons is not there bc she handed me it back and said it could not be used bc my total was under the amount. So I got out of there paying 1.87 on a gc for all that stuff! and I still have a 5GC and a 7.31 GC!

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