Monday, October 20, 2008

Wags 10/19- 10/25

Trans 1

2 Lindt Choco Bars (2.49 ea)
2 Pert Plus Shampoo (3.49 ea)
1 Gil Fusion razor (8.99)
2 Wags chapstick (.24 ea)
2 Quench Gum (.29 ea)
1 Skittles Gum (.19)

-5 Pert Easy Saver Book
(2) -2 Pert MQ
-.75 Lindt MQ
-2.48 Lindt MQ
-2 Lindt Easy Saver
-4 Gillette Fusion

Total: 4.29 OOP. I recieved 4 RR from Gillette. This should have been 0 OOP but as I went to use my RR to pay for the transaction the cashier informed me that if I pay with any RR than no RR will print for items purchased on the transaction. She said this just started- has anyone else dealt with this yet? This is a cashier I regularly go to and is very nice so I took her word for it.

Trans 2
2 Lysol Freshmatic (5.99 ea)
1 Sour Gummies (.14)

(2) -5 Lysol

Total .13OOP Not too bad!


  1. I wonder when this started - did she say? I just did a transaction last week and paid with RR and RR printed as well. I can't remember what it was on exactly. I do know you can't pay with RR that were originally generated by that same product or manufacturer or they will not print. But as long as you pay with RR that were generated by a different manufacturer, it should print another RR if one is due.

  2. That is what I thought as well. She said this was new this week bc they were having people use so many RR that they were getting cash back. I didn't quite follow that one but she didn't let me try to use them either. She was very nice about it so I didn't press the issue. I was just wondering if any one else had any experiences with this yet.

  3. If you ever have any giveaways you can list them on my site if you'd like.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog Tiffany! You have confirmed my worst fear! They are hip to us at WAGs.

    Kinda doesn't make sense tho, if I buy a number of products then a RR should still print cause that's my bonus for buying what they want me to buy, right!?!?!?!?!?

    I think i'll go to their website and inquire. See what happens. If we can't use RR cause we won't get RR then that certainly impedes the stockpiling extravaganza. :(

    URGHHHHHHHHH if CVS gets wind of this they we are definatly SCREWED!!!!!