Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok, for those of you who got in on the Omaha Steak deal (I got the $25 free GC but no additional 12 burgers) this is a great oppurtunity for dry ice experiments. Our shipment should come in today and I have found several sites offering some great ideas. Check them out Awesome Dry Ice Experiments at Steve Spangler Science and Dry Ice Experiments .
My oldest (10) is so looking forward to UPS getting here. I am not sure how much dry ice they use but we are going to make some carbonated apple juice for snack this afternoon and try a few of the bubbly experiments as well. I would love to fill the room with fog but I am not sure how much dry ice we will get so we will have to see- also the fog thing can be dangerous so please read all instructions and precautions when dealing with dry ice!!!! It is -109.3 degrees Farenheit! (I still learn something new everyday!)

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