Monday, October 27, 2008

CVS 10/26

Ok, so I have 17.99ECBS going into this week and the candy deals are excellent through Monday so here is what I did.

Trans 1
3 bags butterfinger (1.50 ea)
1 bag Nestle Crunch (1.50)
2 bags M&Ms (1.50 ea)
4 Soy Joy Bars (1.00 ea)

-1 B2GO Soy Joy
(2) -1 on any nestle bag
-1 on 2 Nestle bags
-1 on 2 M&M bags

Total : .01 OOP and recieved 4 ECBs from Soy Joy

Trans 2
3 Bic Comfort 3 razors (4.99 ea)
1 bag M&Ms (1.50)
1 bag Musketeers (1.50)

Total: 1.05 OOP and recieved 12 ECBs

keep checking- I have to get my coupons together for the other deals. Feel free to post a link to your site with your CVS and Wags deals this week!

Had to get in on the cold meds deal....
1 Bayer Breeze 2 (30)
1 Bayer Contour (30)
1 Triaminic Thin strips (6.00)
1 Similasin Sinus nose spray (9)
1 Sudafed PE (5)
1 Colgate Fresh Max (2.99)

(2) -30 Bayer monitors (will donate these to a dr who gives them to patients who can't afford them otherwise)
-1 Triaminic
-1.50 Sudafed
-3 Similasin
-1 Colgate
12 ECBs
4 ECBs

Total: .49 OOP recieved 10 ECBs from Cold meds and 2 ECBs from Colgate. Will send in rebate on Triaminic to get $6 back!! Profit of 5.51!!!


  1. i haven't made it to CVS yet, but i hope the Soy Joys are still there when i go.

    I am dropping some joy by "tagging" you


  2. Good job! I'm still tryng to decide if I'm going to make a third trip to CVS!

  3. Thanks for the tag couponnerd! They had tons of Soy Joys at ours so hopefully your store will have them too!!!

    I hear you Jessica, CVS is so addicting. I have now made 3 trips- 2 diff stores the first day and then one today! I love it!