Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Whole Milk?

This new bread baking endevour has had me researching to find good recipes and in doing so came cross a site that just made sense. Unfortunately I cannot find the site to quote it but will find it and post when I do. Anyway it was talking about the processes to make the 2%milk and how raw milk is so much better and never to use ultrapasturized milk bc basically all your nutrients are gotten rid of and then added back. This got me thinking and one of her points besides all the research she had done was this: God did not make cows to produce 2% or skim milk so why are we taking what he made and thinking we can make it so much better. That is not exactly how she put it but it does make you think. We are told we do not need the extra fat but milk is a good fat. Anyway I have determined in my family we are going to whole pasturized milk and if I can find it organic that is not ultra pasturized great but I will settle for no hormone whole milk. Not sure I am ready to take on the raw milk but maybe someday soon.

side note: just found the site:

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