Sunday, January 4, 2009


Wow I am so out of CVS shape!!! I kind of messed this up but it was ok- It turned out pretty good anyway.


1 Nasogel (7.99)
2 Loreal Hip (7.99 ea)
1 EAS Advantage (7.99)
1 Ultra Smart Blood Glucose Moniter (29.99)
1 Freestyle Moniter (9.99)
1 J&J Baby wash cloths (2.99)
1 Garnier Shampoo (2.99)

5 off $25 CVS
-2 Nasogel Printable
(2)-7.99 HIP raincheck
-7.99 EAS raincheck
-29.99 Ultra Smart
-9.99 Freestyle
-1.50 J and J
-1 J&J CVS
-1 Garnier

Total: 1.68 OOP (was going to use the 1 ECB I had but could not find it so I should have used a higher value one first but she had already rung it up so there was no turning back. But I did get 7.99 ECBs and a 2ECB. So I still made money on the deal!!!

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